Over the last few months or so, I’ve been putting together a decal sheet. (I got decal paper that can be printed on with normal printers….but it means I can’t use white…) But since I’ve got so many different Gundam Models from so many different universes, I’ve decided to treat them as if they were one universe-and make up my own factions.

That’s right. I’m turning my entire model collection into a fanfiction :P

The Earth Sphere Defence Force and Naval Fleet Emblems are in place of the Earth Federation forces (with the Naval Fleet replacing EFSF). They are inspired by the Alliance logo in Mass Effect, and the EFF logo in Gundam AGE. Also, I’ve decided to rename all of the mass produced Mobile Suits ‘RMS’ (as was done in Zeta Gundam). So RGM-79 GM becomes RMS-79 GM and so on.

The Imperial Order of the Cross is in place of Zeon. Since these were Zeon and ZAFT suits I had to go for something that was German-looking (but far more subtle than the Nazi thing). Also, because I was doing the whole Tank thing lately, I decided to call them ‘Type’. So MS-06F Zaku becomes Type-06F Zaku. Also, they have the slogan 'Liberty or Death!' to go on their shields…

I’ve probably got way too much time on my hands….