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Apparently, it was 9 years ago today that my parents insisted I watch this new programme on BBC One that was an update of some old show they used to watch when they were young. I resisted at first, but I watched it begrudgingly…and then I liked it. A lot.

I wonder at what point they realised they had created a monster?! :D

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I wouldn’t get a start today. There’d be no grant money, no place at Rada for the likes of me. We seem to have stepped back as a country. Do people want that? Maybe they do, maybe deep down there is something in the British psyche that we believe we’re better led by blue bloods, that they’re the natural officers. It must be something like that, because otherwise, why do we keep returning to the same class of people to lead us? By definition, we’re denying openings to generations, to the children of half of the population; we’re denying chances for all that talent to flourish. Me, my brothers, we would struggle to get started. It’s 10 times harder today. We’re denying so much hope to so many people. By Paul McGann (via ceevee5)